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I have recently discovered @suqqu_europe, a luxury Japanese beauty brand focusing on enhancing your radiant beauty ✨

Taking its name from the Japanese word meaning ‘posture with attitude’, Suqqu is based on the principles of inner composure, wellbeing and serenity.

Suqqu boasts of some of the world’s most desirable beauty products and incorporates the award-winning Gankin facial massage – originally developed to immediately enhance the radiance of actresses before long film shoots – Suqqu now brings luxurious, graceful elegance to women everywhere.

A comprehensive make-up range also includes everything from luxurious velvet powder products to luminous foundations 💓.

To find out more about my gorgeous new discovery visit @harrodsbeauty @libertylondon @theofficialselfridges @cultbeauty


Multi-Award Winning Hair & Make-Up Artist Winner Make-Up Artist of the Year UK 2020