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South Asian Bride Aarti - Testimonial


Where do I start? You have been amazing since day 1!!! You were the only hair and makeup artist I reached out to who wanted to jump on to a video call and get to know me. Our first video call was all I needed; we were so in sync, it felt like I’d known you my whole life, just like chatting to my big sister. I had no doubt from then that I wanted to be an Aarti P real bride. And you made that dream come true!

Thank you sooooo much for everything! I wished and you made it all happened. Not only did I look beautiful on my wedding and reception day, I felt it. And most of that was down to your artistry. It was total magic! You waved your makeup brush and like a fairy godmother, you turned me into the most beautiful version of me.

You’ve been so patient, quick to respond and easy to communicate with throughout. Thank you for making my day feel even more special. I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with you and I cherish those moments where we chilled, chatted for hours, had a cup of tea or two and shared a dhokla. You were such a delight! Can we do it all over again?!

You’ve been a pleasure to work with and I cannot thank you enough for all the support you’ve given me throughout this process.

Lots of love and best wishes


From Aarti’s initial introductory call I just knew Aarti was the artist I would use for my big day! Her credentials speak for themselves; she is talented there is no doubt. However in arranging my wedding and in speaking to so many suppliers the one thing I wasn’t prepared to do was compromise with customer service. She was effortlessly kind & generous with her advice, even before I committed to booking.

I didn’t have a trial & I didn’t feel I needed too! We had a detailed consultation over a video call before the wedding about the type of look I wanted. I had ideas, she had ideas & it all just came together.

On the big day she came in looking beautiful herself, even at 5am! and brightened up what would be a very long day. Aarti got me ready & had me looking my very best, giving her honest opinion about everything along the way. Every bride wants to look her very best and I’m so happy that I trusted in Aarti x

Aarti, you brought a little girl’s dream to reality…can’t thank you enough

Indian Wedding Makeup by Aarti P for Kiren


When I found Aarti, I was looking for an Indian makeup artist who could cater to me wanting to use purely vegan & cruelty free products. Aarti delivered with so much enthusiasm and a real willingness to work together to create a bespoke kit for my wedding.

Over the planning process we explored brands and products that Aarti would be able to use, allowing me to feel comfortable in advance of my wedding day(s) that she had taken the time to prepare a kit specific to me, using a variety of products.

Separately, I don’t usually wear much make up & had some concerns about how my bridal make up would turn out. Aarti listened and was so respectful of what I wanted and gave me the really light look that I asked for, lasting all day long without any touch ups!

Bride in a Red lehenga


After 2 years of rescheduling, going through the highs and lows of the pandemic I was finally able to get married in the Summer of 2022. Throughout this time Aarti was flexible, understanding and a positive force for the good times ahead. She even sent a care package to her brides at a time where everything was uncertain.

I first came across Aarti’s portfolio of work on Instagram, every bridal look was impeccable yet in every look the personality of the bride still shone through. I didn’t need to look any further, I was excited at the prospect of becoming an Aarti P bride.

I had an initial telephone consultation with Aarti to discuss my bridal and reception looks. From the moment I spoke to her I knew I was in safe hands; she was quietly confident and effortlessly reassured me with her vision. I had every trust in her to create looks that would suit my features and tie in with my wedding trousseau.

Aarti was punctual, calm, and organised on the day of the wedding. I had so much fun getting ready with her, her bubbly personality is infectious making time with her fly.

I am so grateful to Aarti for creating the most incredible timeless looks. I am in awe of her creativity and eye for detail. All my friends and family were blown away with the perfection of each look.

Aarti, I can’t thank you enough for making me feel and look like a super star. A true expert in your craft with the hand of an artist.

Gagan - Aarti's Real Bride


‘My decision to book Aarti began when she did my sister Jyoti’s wedding make up 5 years ago. The make up was glowy, natural and beautiful. I’ve always wanted to look like myself on my wedding day & have struggled to find someone who could do just that. Aarti emphasises on skincare a lot, key for a flawless wedding day base.

Aarti did a phenomenal job on the day! No words for how beautiful I felt. I received compliments all day, she made feel like a queen. Everything was to perfection! Aarti you made head turns! Everybody loved my look so much! If you have Aarti, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Thank you Aarti for being part of my fairytale. Dreams do come true’❤️

Keyuri - Aarti's Real Bride


I’ve followed Aarti on Instagram for a few years so I knew I wanted to book her and after seeing all the looks she’s created, I knew that I would be able to completely trust her. I love how Aarti chose the perfect eyeshadow and lip colour to compliment my outfit. She also advised me on exactly how my hair should be based on the jewellery I had chosen. I didn’t know what I wanted my look to be like until I saw the end product and I was so so so happy!

As cliche as it sounds, I felt like a princess at the wedding. Aarti, you created the best possible look for me and I am so glad I booked you!

Advice for future brides: firstly, book Aarti! Secondly, ask Aarti for advice when buying jewellery as she just knows what will work with your outfit and style!’

Bride in a Pink lehenga


For my destination wedding, I was looking for a makeup artist & luckily I came across Aarti’s work thanks to the many awards that she has won. Looking at Aarti’s portfolio, I was very excited to reach out to her. I had 4 events, 4 different looks in mind & I am very opinionated about what I want & don’t want. However at the same time, I have very little experience or knowledge of makeup. After sitting down with Aarti & talking out my vision for 15 minutes, I felt like I could relax & just trust her to do what would to suit me best.

I found Aarti to be very comforting, generous & thoughtful in her work. During our events, I ended up spending so much time with her, it felt truly relaxing to be around her between the wedding madness. Aarti has a very calming energy even while chaos is raging around her.

The best bits were when she was done with each look & would do a reveal for not only myself, but my friends & family, & each time everyone was blown away, calling the looks “literal perfection”.

On the last day, I told Aarti I would l never look as good as this ever again.

She is truly an artist, with a clear vision, unshakeable patience & an incredible hand. On top of that she is so fun to be around. I am truly happy to have had her for such important days of my life.

Bride in a baby pink and blue lehenga


I booked Aarti back in 2019 for my wedding and reception. Since then, our wedding was delayed twice until Summer 2022. From the moment I saw Aarti’s instagram profile, and all of her incredible, beautiful work, I knew that I wanted her to be my wedding make up artist. Despite all the challenges of delaying our wedding several times with COVID, Aarti has been absolutely fantastic throughout the process. We had multiple phone calls throughout making the process stress free.

Aarti always listened to my ideas and understood the look I wanted to achieve for my wedding and reception; she also offered her own professional opinion (but was never forceful!) leading us to make changes to my jewellery in the weeks leading up to the event, which I was really grateful for, and ultimately made the whole look even better!

We had video calls during the planning phase, and from this I was confident that Aarti was able to get a good idea of what I was looking for. When speaking to a few friends around the time of the wedding, they were really surprised that I hadn’t had a trial; despite being the perfectionist that I am, I honestly didn’t feel I needed to have a trial with Aarti – I felt confident and trustful from seeing images of her work that I would not be disappointed, and from our calls was in no doubt that she would do the amazing job that she did on the day!

Thank you Aarti, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend you to friends and family!

Makeup By Aarti - Meera


Aarti thank you so much for making me looking amazing!! Everyone kept saying I looked like an #Instagram bride and a princess and it’s all thanks to you!! You made me look better then I ever thought I would on my wedding day! I also remembered your tips about keeping my back straight and smiling with my eyes haha!! You made me feel so calm and beautiful I can’t wait to see you again on the reception day so you can work your magic all over again!

Bride in a Red lehenga


Aarti was recommended to me by my best friend, who reassured me she was the best in the industry. Aarti is caring, personable, professional and funny, not to mention, an incredibly talented MUA and hair stylist. She took the time to listen to me and put me at ease throughout the day, ensuring I was satisfied with the end result. Both looks were stunning and I felt like a princess, moreover I was showered with compliments. Loved my looks so much. Thank you for being an absolute superwoman!’

Thank you Aarti, all my expectations were exceeded! I would highly recommend Aarti to all brides out there, I can guarantee you’ll be blown away!

Asian Bride in a light colour wedding dress


Aarti you have been the most amazing artist. I cannot explain how many compliments I have received on my looks. No one once said it was too much – in fact everyone’s words have been you’ve had styles which suit you and your face. I am sooo honoured to have been dolled up by you. Your looks provided me with confidence & I didn’t even look in the mirror before the civil! I literally walked down the stairs passed a mirror but didn’t even take a glance. You have truly been the best person & I have no regrets! I had so much trust in you & you always kept me zen. You are amazing, so much love for you!

Makeup By Aarti - Reena


Aaaarrrrti! How can I thank you! Saying thank you just doesn’t do justice to the magic you created on me. And not once, but twice! Your magic made me look & feel like a princess! My hubby asked if you could make me up every morning🤗🤣
You made my sister, mum & hubby emotional when they saw me. My brother who has no tear glands got emotional too. Family & friends took double takes at me before realising it was me before them. For a split second some thought they were at someone else’s wedding!
When I thank you, it’s because I never had a trial with you, I didn’t have a clue about the looks I wanted, but you just very charmingly, elegantly & calmly took it in your stride & just created the most perfect two looks for me which I am forever grateful for.
Then there’s your personality, you are kind, patient, funny & soothing all at the same time. I felt a million dollars and can see why you’re award winning. Thank you so so much. We had great fun dancing to my hearts content and I didn’t have to worry about my makeup at all! It remained flawless! We are forever grateful for all that you did. Lots of love and hugs, Reena & Hardeep xx

Bride with white lehenga


Dear Aarti, Thank you for making me feel like such a princess on my wedding day, I’ve never felt more special & beautiful. It feels like such a long time ago when I first made contact with you, but what a great decision it was. I am so happy I left all the decisions up to you, because you pulled together three fabulous looks and made my dreams come true. Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for your kindness, patience & love especially in September when we had to cancel the wedding & how accommodating you were around the last minute registry wedding.

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️ I’m going to love watching your beauty journey continue to grow. Lots of love, Suchita xxxx

Makeup By Aarti - Binita


I’d planned my wedding during the pandemic and Aarti was one of the first people I’d booked. From the moment she messaged me, I knew I was in safe hands. I had to postpone my wedding due to restrictions and it was so clear Aarti was going above and beyond to accommodate for my new date. She offered me a phone call in all of her messages (some of which I took her up on) and was just so good at putting my mind at ease during such a stressful time.

From the chats we’d had, Aarti figured out I wasn’t a big makeup wearer. She assured me she would make sure I was comfortable with the makeup, and she did exactly that! I’d sent her ideas of the type of looks I wanted and I knew she’d taken the time to go through them in detail. What Aarti did was better than I could’ve imagined! The amount of compliments I got was absolutely insane! I genuinely think the way I looked topped the whole wedding itself! 😂 My husband was like ‘everyone is saying you look really nice, but no one is commenting on me’! I hadn’t ever imagined I could look like this!

Aarti, thank you so much for everything! Not only are you an amazing makeup artist but the easiest person to talk to. We chatted so much while you were getting me ready that I honestly forgot about nerves and the time flew by! I’m so glad I chose you to be part of my special day! xx


Aarti, I do not even know where to start. I would like to say a huge thank you for glamming me up on my wedding day. It was truly such a magical experience from beginning to end. Having booked you 3 years back with continued changes and covid getting in the way, you were so flexible and friendly to work with..your customer service was truly touching because you always put the ‘bride’ before anything else and that is rare to find! It was worth the wait and im so happy I was still able to book you in on my final date❤️

Your aura and working approach throughout and more so on the day was so incredibly amazing, you put me at such ease and i had so much fun that morning regardless of the ongoing I learnt some great little make up tips along the way😛 everyone was wowed by the entire look..without any trial you made my vision come to life and for that I am grateful😊

Its been amazing speaking throughout the years and will keep in touch and definitely be recommending you to future brides. You provide a magical experience vs just a bridal make up and hair look for the day! Thats what makes you different 💞


Aarti, you’ve been absolutely amazing over the past 2 years. Even though I’ve had to re- plan my wedding events 3 times you’ve been so accommodating, uplifting and supportive. Your work ethic has always been to put the bride first and that is so difficult to find. During lockdown you sent a thoughtful pick me up kit and that again shows that even in difficult times you were thinking about all your brides and what they’re going through. I was so lucky you were still available for my events, which was truly be worth the wait!

Everything was amazing and went so well! I got so many compliments saying how amazing I looked! Everything was magical and exactly what I wanted! Even though I didn’t go in to specific details, you knew what kind of style I was after. The make- up was so on point and the hair! You went over and beyond to find that right colour extensions for my Balayage! All that effort really was worth it! The whole look stayed in place the entire day, even for my second event in the evening! It was just perfect! Thank you so so much for making me look like a princess.



Aarti, I just wanted to send a message to express my thanks and gratitude. You did such an amazing job on my bridal hair and make up. Everyone loved it and most importantly my most honest critic, my husband, thought it was the best. He said I looked like me, but better. It stayed perfectly for the whole ceremony and my crying through the Doli. It was exactly what I wanted and I can’t wait to see the photos.

You kept me so calm and relaxed even at 4am in the morning 🙂 despite the worries about the weather and all my stresses. I cannot thank you enough, you are so talented and a beautiful person inside and out.

Love always, Priya x


Aarti, thank you so much for making me look and feel good as much as I did. Even though we didn’t have a trial, I had no doubts you would make me look like the bride I wanted to and capture the look I wanted from all our conversations. From the minute I booked you last year, every time I messaged you with questions and advice, you replied super quick and reassured me in the most genuine and honest way so I cannot thank you enough for being one of the most supportive suppliers we ever had. Thank you again for everything you did in the lead up to my wedding and on the day! Our chat when you were getting me ready totally got me ready for the big moment and I totally needed it! You were a superstar!

Makeup By Aarti - deepka


When I first booked Aarti P for my bridal hair and make up, I had no idea that I would be gaining such a lovely and supportive friend. I had to postpone my wedding three times due to the pandemic and Aarti made it incredibly easy and stress free to reschedule dates. Aarti went above and beyond to reschedule my dates into her already hectic schedule. Aarti kept in touch with me throughout the process and did not leave me wondering if she was available or not. When the lockdown restrictions were first announced in March 2020, Aarti took time out of her day to speak to me over the phone. She called, not as a Makeup artist but as a friend. Her uplifting, caring voice and positivity has really kept my anxiety at bay and has kept me grounded. I established an amazing virtual friendship with Aarti, so when my big day finally came around I was so excited rather than being anxious knowing I had a supportive and caring friend by my side.

On the day, Aarti followed all protocols and procedures in line with Covid guidelines but never made me feel any different to what would have been the ‘norm’. We laughed a lot and had deep meaningful conversations as if we had known each other for years. I had full trust in Aarti and her talents as an artist. 

I am so glad I booked Aarti without a trial. Her work and her positive vibe and energy is perfection. From my hair, to my makeup, to setting my dupatta! Aarti made sure everything was perfectly done. I couldn’t believe how amazing and glamorous I looked. Aarti captured special moments of my wedding morning such as my mum and sisters reaction that I will cherish forever. 

I received so many compliments from my husband, family and friends. Especially from Big Day Photography who said ‘Wow Aarti has done your makeup and hair so well that we don’t need to edit your pictures’. 

Aarti honestly exceeded my expectations. A big thank you Aarti for being supportive, patient, kind and very thoughtful. .Thank you Aarti for being your amazing self and for being an important part of a day that i will never forget.


“I met Aarti on the day of my beautiful cousin Shivani’s wedding. I was blown away by her work & how stunning Shivani looked, I knew from that moment I wanted Aarti to be my hair & make up artist for my special day. Fast forward a few months, I booked Aarti for both my wedding and reception.

With a few weeks to go until the big day, the unthinkable happened in 2020 & everything was put on hold. Aarti was lovely and reassuring & even sent out care packages, which was so thoughtful at such a stressful time.

As soon weddings were allowed again, about 6 months after our original date, I booked the new date with Aarti. Aarti was flexible and accommodating, we had many phone calls during this time, which helped to keep my mind at ease. We went over the look I wanted & discussed different options, I love glitter & Aarti had the prefect glittery gold eye shadow for me!

On the wedding day, Aarti had such a calming presence. She was professional, organised & had me ready in what felt like no time at all. As soon as I looked in the mirror I felt like a princess, I looked flawless, more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Aarti really made my bridal dreams come true!” xx


“I was referred to Aarti by my family members and spent some time looking at her online portfolio before contacting her. I had countless questions, so Aarti made time for a call and went through everything in plenty of detail. From that moment on, I was convinced Aarti would be the perfect Hair & Make up Artist. I booked her the moment my wedding venue was confirmed and knew she was the best decision!I booked Aarti without a trial and she was simply brilliant. Aarti arrived early and kept me calm and comfortable throughout the whole process. She took time to understand my desired look and exceeded all of my expectations. She would even “wow” and “ooh” to herself while getting me ready – she certainly kept my spirits high!

I personally don’t wear my hair up often, but Aarti made me feel my best that day, even with a bun. I asked for a dramatic look that would still be subtle, since I don’t usually wear any make up, and Aarti nailed it. Her work was so flawless that I didn’t have to touch up my makeup between my Hindu wedding and reception; just needed a fresh coat of lipstick!

Aarti is professional and organized, I knew I was in good hands from the get-go. Aarti was a huge part of my wedding day, I would recommend her to anyone who needs a superstar hair and make up artist!!”


“From the moment I said YES to my husband, Aarti P was the first person I booked without even wanting a trial and gosh did I make the best decision. Aarti is fun-loving and has incredible talent, who puts you at ease through what can be a stressful time (especially if it’s a big fat Gujarati wedding)!

I put my trust in Aarti and she made me look and feel like a princess, I cannot thank you enough for everything you did prior and on the day. Thank you for everything and more, wishing you all the best for the future” x


“From the moment I booked Aarti I knew I was in good hands. Aarti had such a calming nature that it was impossible to get stressed or nervous around her. She turned up on the wedding morning bright and early and super cheery and worked her magic and made my dream wedding look come true. I was worried about my hair being too heavy or too tight but I could not feel it all day!
The following day when Aarti got me ready for my wedding reception, I wasn’t really sure what look I wanted, but I trusted her and she made me look and feel like a Princess. It was as if she knew what I was thinking of before I did!

If I could do my wedding all over again I would definitely book Aarti, without a doubt.

Aarti, your work is exceptional and I can not thank you enough for making me look and feel like a Princess on my special days!” xx


“Make-Up has never been my forte and it was something I was petrified about for my wedding day. I felt totally out of my depth choosing the right hairstyle, products and colours but Aarti made me feel at home from the first meeting. We had a lovely informal chat, where she gave tips for the big day and I never felt rushed. Thereafter, she made herself available via e-mail and telephone and would always promptly respond to questions. On the day, I cannot fault Aarti’s expertise, professionalism and talent. Even at 4am in the morning, she was a superstar and did not settle for anything other than perfection. Being a Sikh wedding, Aarti created two looks and worked with all the restrictions time placed on her! She made me look like a princess and I cannot thank her enough for giving me the confidence for a very nerve-racking day. I am still receiving compliments for the wedding look. I cannot recommend Aarti enough – you will be in safe hands! I truly mean these words, you made such a contribution towards my wedding day!”


“When I first started planning my wedding the first thing I did was book Aarti, I had seen her work before and I was confident that she would create the perfect look for me. After meeting Aarti I felt at complete ease, she has so much experience and knowledge and I knew that I had found the perfect person. On the day of the wedding, Aarti made me feel like a princess and the look she created truly exceeded my expectations.

Thank you so much Aarti, for making the experience so memorable I had so much fun throughout the process. Your Make-Up Artist of the Year Awards are so well deserved!”


“Finding the perfect make-up artist was very hard, after tirelessly looking through many profiles, I finally found Aarti. The minute I saw her work and the looks she created I instantly knew she was the one that I wanted to get me ready on my big day! I booked her without a trial and she really did not disappoint. From the moment Aarti arrived she kept me calm with her enthusiasm and energy, which is so important on the most memorable day for any bride. She has a special way of thinking about the smallest things to make the whole look come together and she’ll make suggestions that will really make the whole look complete. I would definitely recommend her to all brides looking for the perfect make up artist!

Aarti is truly incredible at what she does! I wish you utmost success for the future and I cannot thank you enough for the looks you created for my wedding and reception. You delivered above my expectations and everyone loved my look, especially my husband!”

Ramsha Testimonial for AartiP


“Aarti you are an incredibly talented make-up artist who is a professional and a wonder women with a brush. You made me laugh and comforted me so that I was relaxed on my big day. I love your make-up style because you keep it natural with a touch of Bollywood glamour. Every bride would be lucky to have you part of her big day. Thank you so much for everything xxx”


“Aarti, I am beyond words and I can’t thank you enough. You truly are an amazing artist. I felt completely at ease with you on a day most brides are nervous! Everyone complimented me all day and I truly felt like royalty because of your magic. Thank you for everything, wishing you all the best for the future xxx”

Mayuri Testimonial for Aartip


“Planning an Indian wedding is a stressful task as it is, no matter how many family weddings you have been part of or helped plan. Aarti done my sister Kiran’s hair and make up for her wedding and reception in 2016, she done such an amazing job, both Kiran’s looks were stunning. It was then I knew whenever I got married I couldn’t imagine anyone else dolling me up for my special day.

Aarti was so kind, patient and professional throughout the whole process, I knew I couldn’t be in better hands. The day of my wedding I felt totally at ease, Aarti made me feel so comfortable, knew the looks I wanted to go for and exceeded my expectations with both the wedding and reception look. I looked and felt like a true princess, with the biggest smile on my face throughout the whole day.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being part of my special day. I love how passionate about your work, you are truly incredible at what you do. I received countless compliments on how amazing I looked at both the wedding and reception, I would definitely recommend Aarti to any brides to be.”


“I had been following Aarti P for a few years before I got engaged and I always knew I wanted her to be the one that does my hair and make-up for my big day. From the moment I spoke to Aarti on the phone about booking her and coming to meet her she gave me the warmest welcome, It was then I knew I made the perfect choice!
I designed and tailored my own wedding & reception outfit and it didn’t even take Aarti very long to figure out what style of hair and make-up would pair well with my outfits. She made it very easy for me to decide my looks as I had no clue what I wanted.

For the Indian wedding I went for traditional colours for my outfit and Aarti helped to complete that look by pairing it with a very traditional bridal bun and a side sweep. The morning of the wedding Aarti made me feel so relaxed and calm as I was very nervous and on edge. She made the whole process so fun and took my mind of worrying about anything. My final look for the wedding even made me emotional but it was absolutely perfect. The final look was exactly how I imagined it and more.

The reception look was super easy as I left it all to Aarti to decide. I showed her my gown and the colour and left the look to her. I knew she was the perfect person to make this decision and the final look was absolute perfection! I was so happy with the hair and make-up as she made me look like a total princess.

Her professionalism and enthusiasm is what made me fall in love with Aarti in the first place and I’m so glad she was the one that made both my looks perfect. A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the best day of my life the most memorable day of my life. I STILL look back at the photos and think, wow! Did I really look like this? You really did make me look the most beautiful I ever have and for that I would like to thank you. “


“I booked Aarti over a year prior to my wedding. At that point all I had was an image in mind. After browsing hours on Instagram I found the magic of Aarti P! We soon got talking and I knew she was the makeup artist for me. She had great patience and was willing to answer all my questions, no matter how big or small they were. The day of my wedding was one I had always envisioned to be stressful, however Aarti made me feel at ease. I didn’t have any photos to show her, only an idea in my head. What Aarti managed to create exceeded expectations by far, and I was speechless when I saw the end result. Aarti is truly a talented individual and has a genuine passion to make you look and feel your best!”


“Aarti is so amazing! I remember the first time I went to see her. At that point I had no idea what I would be wearing for my wedding day, from colour or the style. It turned out to be a casual catch-up over tea as if I knew all along. What I like about Aarti is that she is a true professional who has passion for her work. I booked her straight away as I trusted her work and reviews and I knew I would be in safe hands.
Not only is she good at Hair & Makeup, but I loved how she styled both my dupatta’s for my designer Sabyasachi lengha, which really wasn’t easy! I would definitely recommend Aarti P”


“From the moment I spoke to Aarti on the phone I knew instinctively that I was in good hands. She was so warm and genuine which made me feel at ease knowing that she would work with me to find the perfect look for my wedding. I knew her work was amazing as I’d been following her on Instagram for some time, but it was only when I had my make up trial I knew how good she actually was. Throughout the whole process she was so professional in terms of communication and organisation but at the same time I felt like I had known her as a friend for years. I loved the wedding make up experience – we laughed and chatted loads whilst Aarti worked fluidly to create the look. My husband, family and friends were in awe when they saw my transformation and I felt the best I had ever felt throughout the whole wedding period.

Thank you so much Aarti for the amazing experience – you truly deserve Make up Artist of the year for your hard work and dedication. Lots of love. Jaya!”


“I booked Aarti over a year before my big day! After researching looks online and looking at Aarti’s galleries I was really confident that she could create the perfect looks. I visited Aarti for a trial and she took the time to understand the looks I wanted and made us feel so welcome.
For my Indian ceremony I wanted a slightly different look with a side bun with plenty of volume. Aarti literally made my vision come true. I rarely ever wear my hair up but the way she styled it complemented all of my features. The make up was also flawless! That morning was an emotional and exciting time and Aarti’s enthusiasm and personality made me smile the whole time.

My Civil Ceremony/Reception look was magical. People said I looked like princess Jasmine! Aarti was able to create a dramatic yet subtle look to work for both a day time and evening event. In between the events I didn’t even have to touch anything up! Just a top up on my lipstick was all I needed.

A massive thank you Aarti for your time, skills and bubbly personality, I am so glad I booked you!

Lots of Love, Neelam”


“Finding a trusting make up artist for your wedding is probably a bride’s most important priority! I was fortunate enough to find Aarti who I was recommended by a friend. Every girl on their wedding day wants to feel relaxed and have the confidence in that one person to make them look amazing. For me, that person was Aarti. Not only is she a fabulous make up artist, but she also gives you that something extra. We sat and had tea together and a lovely chat before my civil, and that’s where our journey began. Aarti did 4 looks for my wedding which were faultless.
I want to say a huge thank you to her for being great throughout my wedding. I booked Aarti without a trial and I am so glad I did. I had confidence in her that she would do a great job and she definitely did!

Thanks again!

Shivani xxx”


“I booked Aarti for all of my wedding events; Roka, Engagement, Wedding and Reception.From the first look she created, I just knew that I could trust her. I was comfortable with Aarti, as she had a lovely warm nature and listened to my requirement as well as help explore ideas to create the perfect looks for me. Aarti made sure I looked like myself and throughout the year kept in constant communication with me right up until the big day. This was so re-assuring….as a bride I was already on an emotional roller coaster and had about a million things to do for the wedding, and Aarti took the pressure off with her professional manner and being like a big sister always guiding me. On my big day, Aarti arrived smiling on time. She made me feel relaxed whilst getting me ready, as I was so nervous. Her work was simply flawless and her attention to detail was impeccable. I was truly pleased with my final look. Aarti is a true perfectionist, who is always punctual and delivers 100% every time.
I would like to thank you for being part of my special journey, and for being patient with me, keeping me calm and making me look and feel simply amazing for one of the most important times in my life. Keep up your fabulous work Aarti, and I wish you nothing but more success.”



“I booked the FABULOUS Aarti P a year before my wedding day. My make-up artist was the first thing I booked, no trial just love. As time passed, I joined the team at Red Dot Jewels and from then on without fail on my day off, I would call Aarti and keep her updated on my entire wedding from the food, decor, entertainment, outfit etc. Aarti became a part of my family and unloading all my excitement from the wedding preparations was something I highly valued from Aarti. We also obviously discussed vital key looks and styles, which I was going for, both my morning and reception looks. I left my entire trust with Aarti and felt confident that she would deliver my ultimate regal look.

I would highly recommend Aarti P to any bride to be , as she truly did hold my hand through my journey. God bless you my love and a massive thank you for all your love, support and for making my whole wedding experience stress free. Love Anita #aartipdiwalibride2016


“After searching for what felt like months for a makeup artist that truly embodied the ‘wow’ factor, I finally came across Aarti P via a recommendation. Needless to say, I am so glad I chose her for my special day. It was love at first sight – I was absolutely blown away with her work (and truthfully didn’t want to take it off!). Aarti’s attention to detail coupled with bubbly character, is the perfect combination. During the wedding day, she kept my nerves at bay at all time; going above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable and at ease – by the end of the day, she felt like a sister to me! Her astounding work meant I was featured in Asiana Magazine as one of the first real brides, which I feel honoured to have become a part of. I cannot thank Aarti enough for this – had someone told me I’d be in a magazine this time last year, I’d have laughed! She does truly make dreams come true and I cannot thank her enough. The best of the best. May it long continue.”


“Without a doubt arranging an Indian wedding is one of the most stressful and challenging experiences in life. Every bride wants to look mesmerising and captivate her husband with her smouldering looks on the day. It’s the one day in your life, you dream of looking like a Bollywood Princess.
Having gone to several unsuccessful bridal make-up trials, I had lost hope in finding someone who could transform me into the bride I wanted to be. The day I met Aarti for my trial I had little or no expectations and took my mum along for moral support. Aarti’s warm and welcoming nature made me feel relaxed and I was pleasantly surprised and relieved when I saw my make-up at the end of the session. I couldn’t believe how good I looked.

Over the following months leading up to the wedding Aarti kept in touch and reassured me that everything would be great. I left it in her hands and had 100% faith in her creativity.

The big day arrived and I was very nervous and quite emotional. The eight weeks leading up to the wedding had been a roller coaster for me, unfortunately my father had been seriously ill and at one point it was touch and go. I am grateful to Aarti for the support, positivity and sensitivity she gave me.

I remember sitting in the dressing room at Newland Manor whilst Aarti did my makeup. She was so organised and methodical….I could tell she had taken care in remembering everything we had discussed and tried out. Every detail had been catered and individualised towards me ranging from the smoky smouldering gold eye makeup to highlight my almond shaped eyes to defining my chiseled cheek bones and giving me beautiful full lips. The first time I saw myself in the mirror I was overwhelmed. I had never seen myself look like this….I asked for elegance and class….and this is exactly what Aarti delivered.

For the reception, yet again Aarti transformed me into a picture of sophistication with so much ease. My long hair with tumbling curls looked amazing and somehow she made me look like the fairytale princesses I envisaged. Aarti is a truly talented individual with a natural flair for seeing the natural beauty in every woman. I am over the moon with the way I looked and the feedback from my family and friends was ‘you looked amazing’. But the best compliment on the day was my from my wonderful husband who said to me ‘you look breathtaking’.

Thank you so much for being a part of my special day and making me feel and look like a true Bollywood Princess.”


“Once I had my wedding date fixed over a year before the big day, I set about to look for a make-up artist. Being Mauritian and having darker skin than most Asian people I wanted to find someone who would be able to work with me well and not make me look lighter or give me the ‘caked on look’. After some google searching I came across Aarti’s work and immediately her photos appealed to me as the make up appeared classy, flawless and elegant.

I contacted her via her website and she was quick to respond and I have to say I remember thinking after our first telephone conversation, how friendly, helpful and accommodating she was. This filled me with confidence.I booked a trial with Aarti mainly because I was concerned with my darker complexion, but during the trial she made me and my mum feel so at ease and felt confident in her abilities that I immediately went with her and cancelled all other trials. Despite Aarti being my first trial, I can safely say I do not regret it at all.

Throughout the process Aarti has been in constant contact with me and has advised me not only on hair and make up, but also my jewellery and outfits for my wedding. She is so much more than a make up artist, she is a stylist, advisor, mentor and friend.On the day itself I have to say Aarti’s work surpassed my expectations. I felt truly like a princess with such flawless, perfect make-up and hair. She ensured I remained relaxed and focussed as she takes great pride in her work and made me feel at ease with her bubbly and honest personality.I would recommend her to every friend and family that I know! Her work really is art and she is absolutely amazing at her job! She really does go above and beyond and for her exceptional work I cannot thank her enough for making me the stunning bride all my guests said I was!!!”


“Organising my wedding was a hectic process. I came across Aarti through a recommendation and I must say I was blown away by her work. With only 3 weeks to go to the wedding and simply no time to fit in a trial, Aarti came over to my house to have a initial consultation. I can honestly say right from the beginning she put me at ease. We sat and discussed make-up looks, my likes and dislikes. Aarti also offered her ideas which to me were a breath of fresh air! She looked through my outfits and then the next meeting was on my big day! Without a trial I put all my trust into Aarti and I was not disappointed. Aarti kept in constant contact with me until the day offering ideas and passing different make-up styles via phone – she also gave me words of encouragement before the day ensuring I had enough sleep and water.

On the day Aarti arrived and straight away I felt at ease from seeing her, she was calming and professional from the word go! 3 different make-up and hair styles in one day and I must say each one different from the next. Not only was I blown away, but all the guests and the husband! Constantly throughout the day I had people complimenting me also saying how brave I was not going to a trial beforehand, but I can say with full confidence Aarti made me not only look like, but also feel like a princess. I would recommend Aarti with my eyes closed because that is how I put my trust in her and I can say hand on heart she did not disappoint. Thank you Aarti for making me not only look but feel special for ALL 3 changes.”

Sharan - Testimonial for AartiP


“Aarti P was one of the first suppliers I reached out to as soon as we had set our wedding date. I had decided way back when (even before I had met my now husband) that she would be ‘the’ lady to go to for my wedding hair and make-up. Needless to say, the experience I had working with her was joyful.

Aarti is a fun-loving soul, who puts you at ease through what can be an anxiety-provoking time. I put my total trust in her and she delivered amazing results with the looks that I had desired. Aarti not only produced amazing results with my hair and make-up, but also guided me on a few other issues that came up during the build up to the wedding day.

Aarti, I just want to express my deepest thanks for all your love and support – a wonderful experience working with you – may you continue to shine and thrive in the work that you do.”

Priti Testimonials for Aartip


“Thank you so much for promising to make me look beautiful for my engagement. I can honestly say it was the first time I ever felt confident. You were so professional and delivered as you promised. Following on, you worked your magic once again for my civil ceremony and I did in fact feel like a princess. You were so patient and gave me the most elegant look that I could only dream of and made my day more magical than I could have ever imagined.

Six months later you made my life long dream come true by giving me the Bollywood bridal look that I desired. I cannot thank you enough for yet another stunning look. I walked down to the Mandap and remember my husband not being able to take his eyes off me. You are a true professional in everything you do and gave us all so much kindness from when you stepped into our house to when you left.

My final reception look has to be my favourite. I can’t thank you enough for coming all the way back to change my look and delivering another stunning look to the grand finale of events. Each step I took walking into the reception hall to leaving, I felt so special, especially knowing my husband had his eyes on me the whole time. You truly stood by me throughout my journey from the engagement, civil ceremony, traditional wedding to the reception. One whole year and four different looks. I will always cherish the memories forever. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart from me and my family xxx”


“Aarti…..Thank you so so so so sooo much! Words can’t even describe how grateful I was for having Aarti as my makeup artist! Funnily enough it was my husband that discovered Aarti on Instagram one evening a year before our wedding. Within minutes I had emailed Aarti and booked her all my functions and this was the best decision I had made! From the moment I met Aarti, I felt totally at ease, comfortable and knew that I would be in good hands! She was professional and listened to my thoughts on the type of looks I wanted, and was just so kind and genuine. I am grateful that I had you be part of my special day! Thank you for being so patient with me. I wanted to have a natural yet elegant and distinct look for my all the events and that was totally what Aarti did! I had never felt so beautiful. Her precision, talent and creativity shines through every stroke.
I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone to work with Aarti. She is truly amazing!

Thank you so much Aarti – I am blessed to have you be part of my special day!

Kiran - Bride


“I first came across Aarti when she was recommended to me by a friend. I looked her up online and instantly fell in love with the beautiful looks she had created. I knew straight away I had found the one I wanted for my special day. I got in contact with her and she was so easy to get along with right from our first conversation. I booked Aarti for my wedding and reception, and to this day, I can’t decide which look I love more!When I finally met Aarti, I loved how passionate she was and how she was just as excited as I was! Even after my wedding and reception, I just didn’t want to take my make-up off. For both events, Aarti arrived promptly and we were just chatting away whilst she worked her magic – she didn’t even give me the chance to feel at all nervous. I don’t think I would have been in safer hands with anyone else. Aarti delivered above and beyond expectations and I wouldn’t ever hesitate to recommend her to any bride-to-be! Pure love for this very special lady! Thank you for turning my dreams in to a reality!”


“What can I say about Aarti other than she was absolutely amazing. Not only is she talented and visionary but a true delight to work with. I booked Aarti as I felt her work was both creative and that her brides looked like themselves…they all looked comfortable, happy and most of all flawless. I wanted to look like me and Aarti totally understood this! Through the trial I was asked for honest feedback, I was able to explore the look I wanted and Aarti really understood that vision and also delivered it. Being the professional that she is, I was sent reassuring messages about my big day and when the day came she was punctual and on form. Being the nervous wreck I am, emotionally I was all over the place, but Aarti was able to make me feel calm and relaxed. I was so happy with my look and I can’t thank Aarti enough. I’ve had nothing but compliments about how I looked and it’s all thanks to this amazing artist. Aarti, I wish you nothing but lots of success. Thank you for making me feel like a princess on my special day- with love from Sunita xxx


Having decided on our wedding date and venue, the very next thing I booked was Aarti P. I had seen many photos of Aarti’s amazing work online, and she kindly did a trial for me. I went along to to see her with my mother, and within just a few minutes of talking with her, we felt totally welcome and at ease. I immediately saw the perfection and passion that Aarti instills throughout her work. That very day, I booked Aarti for my civil wedding, Sagan/Chunni ceremony, wedding and reception, and this was honestly the best decision I made.

Right from the beginning, Aarti was so professional, and her booking process was so simple. Throughout the year leading up to my wedding, Aarti was there every step of the way. Even when our plans changed at the last minute, Aarti went above and beyond what I could ever expect to accommodate me. My make up and hair looked absolutely flawless at all of my events, with this being so characteristic of Aarti’s work. I received countless compliments and Aarti was such a big part of my special day. She was not only my make up artist, but has become a lifelong friend. Planning an Asian wedding can certainly be stressful at times; Aarti truly “held my hand throughout the journey”.


“Being a bride is quite stressful in itself so ensuring that your dealing with most helpful people was my aim. My first task was to find the right Make-Up Artist, I spent a good week ringing around and getting answering machines and speaking to very unhelpful PA’s. I then came across Aarti in Asiana Magazine and decided to contact her. I was directed to her voicemail, which made me think it was another make-up artist that wasn’t going to contact me. To my surprise Aarti contacted me within 10 minutes of leaving the message. She was the most helpful and cheerful make-up artist I came across, and also the only make-up artist that didn’t have a PA and was able to give the personable touch.

We arranged a trial where we spoke about my outfit, lip colours etc. She made me feel so comfortable and gave me all the relevant advice, I ended up booking her straight away. From the time I booked Aarti until the run up to the wedding she kept regular contact with me through phone calls and email. Whatever I needed she was there to help me, even to the point of recommending other suppliers within the industry.

A few days before the wedding day Aarti made sure that we met up so we could discuss the final details of the day. She came to my house, which was extremely helpful when you are stressed. On the day she made me feel so comfortable and knew exactly what I wanted. She made me feel confidant and made me look like a princess on my big day. If you want someone that will make you feel comfortable and give you the premium service you deserve on then I can’t recommend her enough. She will meet all your needs and I am continuously recommending Aarti to everyone I know!”


“I booked a trial with Aarti after finding her details online and taking a look at the pictures. I had no idea what to expect, I hadn’t been on any other trials and so far hadn’t actually spoken to a single make up artist. Most artists I had contacted all had online tools and booking systems. Aarti was the only artist who called me personally to discuss what I wanted, liked, disliked, what type of look I was after. The fact that she was willing to take the time to talk and deal with me personally really reassured me – also she sounded lovely on the phone.

I took my Mum with me to Aarti’s make up trial. Aarti was my first trial and I did have others booked for later in the week. Aarti was amazing from the moment I met her. She had changed her diary to fit me in (it was actually her first Saturday off in months, but she changed her plans for me). Aarti was bubbly, friendly and put me at ease. The makeup was flawless, so I booked her there and then and cancelled the other trials.On the wedding day, Aarti was early. I was feeling exhausted and nervous, but her bubbly personality picked me up, made me smile and ease the nerves. She made me look incredible, my skin looked flawless, I was gobsmacked. For my wedding reception she worked in record time to get me out of the door quickly. She changed my hair and make-up and again made me look amazing.Aarti is a make-up artist with a difference. Her work is truly exceptional, and she goes out of her way to make you feel special and work with you. When you are stressed, nervous, and tired she is exactly what you need!I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on the day but Thank you again Aarti!”


“Like most other brides, I searched the internet, asked friends and looked at countless magazines to find a make up artist for my engagement and wedding days. I then came across Aarti’s portfolio in a popular Asian bridal magazine. I liked how her looks weren’t based on simply what’s in fashion or what other artists are doing, but instead she took her own initiative to create the perfect look for the individual. Aarti truly helped make my wedding a dream come true. She put me at ease (as well as my family) in every single way she possibly could. Unlike other make up artists I spoke to, Aarti listened, took the time to understand and really work together with me. In the run up to my wedding, I felt as though I had a best friend in Aarti! She gave me advice on how to prepare (because I didn’t know where to begin), provided support and reassurance not only for my make up, but the whole wedding arrangements.

On my engagement and wedding days, Aarti made me feel and look like a princess! I don’t think anyone or anything could make me look as beautiful as she did. Aarti’s finishing on the hair and make up was clean, tidy and professional. The make up lasted, my hair didn’t move out of place, and yet felt really natural. It didn’t feel all hairsprayed or my face didn’t look like I fell into a paint palette (like some brides can look – sorry!). As well as doing a fantastic job of my hair and make up, she made me laugh, and did all possible to make me feel special (even though I was no special than any of her other clients). I will never forget Aarti and all that she did for me and I really wish her all the success in the future – she works hard and always remains so positive and enthusiastic – it’s contagious! Aarti, you deserve the best. Thank you for everything!”


“Well I honestly don’t know where to start or what words to use to describe just how amazing you are! When I started looking around for hair and make up artists last year I can honestly say that I must have looked at every single artist there was out there. I wanted someone who believed in bringing out natural features rather than having a standard look for every bride. The moment I spoke to you I just knew that you were the perfect person to give me the look I wanted. You are passionate and I could tell that for you all you wanted was to make sure I got what I wanted from my looks. You were always there when I called or messaged and were simple and honest. Not only did you constantly keep in touch with me prior to the event but even after. You became a part of my family!
I couldn’t have asked for anyone better and to make me look the way I wanted for some of the most special days of my life. I felt so comfortable talking to you and looking at your previous work I didn’t even feel the need to have a trial. I’m so glad I followed my gut feeling! You’re such a lovely person and you made me feel so relaxed and comfortable.

For anyone out there reading this, you must be in the same position I was in looking for an artist that was not only good at what they did but we’re also honest and passionate about hair and make up. Someone who can see your vision and help you create it. Well I can truly say that Aarti is just that! I can go on forever about you, but just one last thing – Thank You so much for listening to me, being so patient and just simply being amazing at what you do. You made me look just the way I had imagined. I will never forget the tears in my mums eyes when you turned me around for her to see. Thank you so much from my whole family! “

Sandi - Testimonial for Aarti P


“I met Aarti at a wedding exhibition and the flawless makeup on her model made her work stand out. I immediately booked a trial, which allowed us to explore different looks and express my ideas.

I found Aarti to be very passionate about her work and I had confidence in her ability to execute the looks I wanted. On the morning of my wedding day, Aarti arrived promptly and was extremely organised. Aarti put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. For the reception we went for a minimalist look. My hair had been up all morning and miraculously Aarti was able to put my hair down in loose waves with confidence. I felt like a million dollars and it showed! Aarti is a perfectionist who will find the perfect look for you! Thank you Aarti, you’re an absolutely amazing make-up artist!”


“Having spoken to Aarti a few times before booking her she was very kind, professional and honest. She will advise you of realistic time scales and listen to what you want for your big day. I had booked Aarti without a trial and she did not let me down. She created a beautiful, regal and vintage look which was exactly what I wanted.

On the morning of my wedding, which for most women is quite emotional, Aarti arrived with me in tears of having to leave home. She quickly put my concerns and emotions at ease and had me calm and ready for the big day ahead. Throughout the day everyone commented on how beautiful I looked and my husband also could not stop paying me compliments! Aarti is very committed and provides a great service. She will stay in touch with you until the big day and gives you useful beauty tips in the run up to the wedding! I can honestly say that I am very grateful for all of Aarti’s hard work and great level of service, it is greatly appreciated and such professionalism goes a long way on such an important day.”


“I met Aarti at an Asian Wedding Open Day and the moment I spoke to her she was so warming and understanding. She advised me on what I needed to do to prepare my skin for my wedding. Just from speaking to her that day I felt that she would be perfect for my wedding so I booked her without even doing a trial. Leading up to my trial, Aarti kept in constant contact with me and continued to advise me. I felt that Aarti was always open to ideas. At my trial, Aarti did exactly what I wanted and she also did what she thought would suit me and I must say I was extremely happy.

On my wedding day (both my registry and Indian ceremony), Aarti turned up in her usual cheery and calming manner and set to work on my hair and make-up. One thing I must say with Aarti is that she is always on time and finishes on time. Aarti made me feel so special on my wedding day. I was absolutely ecstatic with my hair and make-up. I was so impressed that my make-up lasted all day. I received so many compliments about how I looked so thank you so very much Aarti for all your time, effort, advice and support. You made me feel like a princess.”

Sirinder – Mother of the Bride

“There are no words to describe how I was the world’s proudest Mum on earth on Sunday. When I looked at my daughter in the morning in her bridal outfit and hair and make-up, I wept tears of joy. You made her into a beautiful princess and again in the evening for her reception, your work of art was so mesmerising, it took my breath away. When she entered the Great Hall, everyone was startled. You really are so amazing, kind, patient and such a lovely person. As a hair and make-up artist you are just perfect and you made us feel so comfortable and at ease.

Thank you so much Aarti for being there with us on our memorable day, without you it would not have been possible. Your work has been exceptional and outstanding all the way through: engagement, civil, wedding and reception. Keep up the good work and I’m sure all past, present and future brides will never regret having you on their special day.”

Sunita – Arora Hotels

“Aarti is a very hard-working make-up Artist who is very successful. Aarti did mine and both my daughters make-up for the Arora Ball in aid of Cancer Research UK and the Caron Keating Foundation, a charity night for 600 people. I was thrilled at the results, which made me look like a million dollars and received lots of comments about my make-up on the night. Aarti uses high quality make-up, is clean and tidy and above all makes everything fun so you feel at ease.

I will definitely be using Aarti again and will be recommending her to all my friends and family, well done Aarti.”