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Aarti truly feels that make-up has a bigger part to play in your day to day life and not only for special occasions. Make-up provides you with confidence, positivity and a skill that will take you through the different stages in your life face to face or online.

Own lots of Make-Up and need help with your look without feeling like you need to be a professionally trained Make-Up artist? Want to optimise your Make-Up collection with ease and speed? Develop a wider understanding on how skincare products can support the overall finish? Aarti shares her top tips and tricks so that you can be selfie ready! Let Aarti show you how you can instantly enhance yourself with step by step guidance whilst creating your look together with Aarti!

Whether you need to look the part for your online meetings, a busy mum who wants to reset some self-love or if you simply want to spend some quality time on yourself, a wonderful way to bring out all that make-up you own and put it into practice.

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