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Aarti P named Best Hair & Make-Up Artist in the UK by Harper’s Bazaar


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I am still receiving compliments for the wedding look. I cannot recommend Aarti enough – you will be in safe hands! I truly mean these words, you made such a contribution towards my wedding day!”


Aarti, I am beyond words and I can’t thank you enough. You truly are an amazing artist. I felt completely at ease with you on a day most brides are nervous!


Throughout the whole process she was so professional in terms of communication and organisation but at the same time I felt like I had known her as a friend for years.


The minute I saw her work and the looks she created I instantly knew she was the one that I wanted to get me ready on my big day! I booked her without a trial and she really did not disappoint.


My make-up artist was the first thing I booked, no trial just love. Aarti became a part of my family and unloading all my excitement from the wedding preparations was something I highly valued.

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Elegant Ektaa radiated as she walked down the aisle, a true vision of beauty on her wedding day. Opting for the new @sisleyparisofficial phyto-teint perfection foundation, we achieved a flawless, natural-looking complexion that perfectly matched Ektaa’s skin tone and provided long-lasting coverage. With her desire to look like an elevated version of herself, we succeeded in enhancing her features while preserving her unique charm and grace ❤️

Hair & Makeup @aartipmakeup

My holiday Insta-Glam takes me approx 30 minutes and my Insta-Glam family know how easy it all is 🥰 Having my @elemis_uki facial before going on holiday has given my skin an extra glow too ❤️
With the right products, you can get ready in no time 💯 I’m currently enjoying;

Lipstick Pink Devi @esteelauderuk x @sabyasachiofficial - (ONLY A FEW LEFT OF THIS SHADE)
Powder blush Love @rarebeauty

Preparing for the enchanting Indian Wedding season involves a variety of beauty rituals deeply rooted in tradition. From indulgent skincare routines to intricate haircare treatments, each ritual is a labour of love, ensuring everyone radiates with inner and outer beauty on the big day.

As the anticipation builds, henna nights become a canvas for intricate designs, while haldi (turmeric) rituals pamper and prep. Together, these ceremonies weave a story of beauty, uniting families and guests in a shared journey of celebration and elegance.

May the dedication to these timeless preparations light up the glowing journey ahead ✨

AD| How to unbox the most anticipated @rarebeauty mailer with @the.teen.agez and get an upper body workout 😆🧿

1) Wear your Rare Beauty joggers
2) Find a corner in the kitchen
3) Grab a pair of blunt scissors
4) Breathe and ‘pinch’ yourself 😉

@selenagomez #rarebeauty

As bridal season approaches, my brides frequently inquire about whether they should incorporate a ‘nath’ into their Indian bridal ensemble. In Indian bridal customs, a ‘nath’ symbolises a traditional nose ring adorned by brides throughout India. While the significance of the nath may differ depending on the region and cultural context, it commonly represents marital status and prosperity. Regarded as a symbol of beauty, grace, and tradition, the nath completes the bridal attire, lending an elegant touch to the bride’s appearance.

Deciding whether to wear a nath largely depends on personal preference, cultural significance, and the overall bridal look desired. Some brides opt for a nath to honour tradition, while others may choose to forgo it for a more modern or minimalist aesthetic. Ultimately, the decision should align with the bride’s vision for her special day, considering factors such as comfort, cultural significance, and individual style preferences. Regardless of the choice made, the nath holds profound cultural and aesthetic importance in Indian bridal attire.

Hair & Make-Up: @aartipmakeup /
@goldfadenmd mist rx
@lauramercier the perfect cream
@bobbibrownuk extra illuminating moisture balm
@smashboxcosmeticsuk under eye primer
@armanibeauty luminous silk foundation
@charlottetilbury airbrush corrector
@anastasiabeverlyhills magic touch concealer
@itcosmeticsuki superhero liner
@diorbeauty backstage eyeshadow palette
@hourglasscosmetics ambient lighting bronzer
@patmcgrathreal blush palette
@esteelauderuk highlighting gelee powder
@anastasiabeverlyhills loose setting powder
@maccosmeticsuk eye kohl smolder
@yslbeauty lash clash mascara
@eylureofficial lashes
@anastasiabeverlyhills brow wiz
@hudabeauty lip contour
@charlottetilbury viva La vergara lipstick
@urbandecayuki all nighter spray
@ghdhairpro platinum + styler
As seen in @khushmag
#aartip #aartipmakeup #awardwinningmakeupartist #londonmua #beauty

Achieving a pearl skin finish on South Asian skin often faces unique challenges such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, scars & blemishes, which can affect confidence & self-esteem.

Makeup is a powerful way in addressing these concerns, offering transformations that go beyond mere coverage. Finding the perfect foundations, concealers and colour correctors tailored to South Asian skin tones, provides a canvas for achieving an even complexion.

Whether it’s camouflaging hyperpigmentation or minimising the appearance of scars, the right products & techniques can create a smooth, radiant base.

Makeup can empower you to experiment with various textures & finishes, allowing you to accentuate your features while diminishing imperfections. From dewy foundations to matte powders, makeup offers flexibility in achieving desired looks, whether it’s a natural glow or a glamorous finish.

Makeup not only conceals imperfections, but also celebrates diversity and individuality. By providing tools and techniques to address specific skin issues, it empowers South Asians to feel confident and proud of their heritage while expressing yourself creatively.

Hair & Makeup @aartipmakeup
Jewels @reddotjewels


The “mob wife” trend in 2024 may reflect a fascination with glamour, power and luxury, drawing inspiration from the aesthetic of mob wives depicted in popular culture. These bold looks may be a response to a desire for opulence and confidence, as well as a rebellion against more subdued or minimalistic styles.

Eye makeup and lip colour play a crucial role in achieving the bold and glamorous aesthetic. To enhance the look, consider incorporating elements such as smoky eyes, colourful shadows, tight lining and a sultry lip. A lovely feature to be part of in magazine by Lollie ❤️

Wishing everyone celebrating the #FestivalOfColours a very #HappyHoli 🎨 May the colours you want to paint in your life spread far and wide. We all have so much inspiration from India, when it comes to colours and traditions, which are deep rooted within us all especially when it comes to South-Asian festivals.

Hair & Make-Up @aartipmakeup using @toofacedlovestheuk
@jasroop.singhx @khushmag
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Sending so much love and strength to @princeandprincessofwales 🙏

Let this serve as a gentle reminder to prioritise your health by scheduling routine screenings such as smear tests, conducting regular breast self-exams, and staying in touch with any changes in your body, especially in relation to cancer detection 🙏

Holi the festival of colours takes place on Monday and there’s no better collection to celebrate it with @esteelauderuk x @sabyasachiofficial - every single one 🫶🏼

As we are noticing in beauty there is a noticeable surge in the influence of South-Asian beauty on Western trends. I felt honoured to be a part of the UK launch of the most anticipated collaboration between one of my favourite brands @esteelauderuk and the iconic fashion designer @sabyasachiofficial, renowned for his global representation of Indian fashion. Personally, as someone who frequently works with South-Asian brides adorned in Sabyasachi, this partnership holds great significance as it beautifully merges two distinct worlds, resonating with many British South Asian women like myself who cherish their dual heritage 🇬🇧🇮🇳 This partnership also lends a hand towards my new baby @southasianbeautycollective bringing together and celebrating South Asian representation in beauty in one place ❤️

@esteelauderuk and @sabyasachiofficial have unveiled a collection of luxurious lipsticks paying tribute to India’s rich heritage. Each shade name, from Devi to Udaipur, Bombay to Bengal, and Calcutta to Masala, serves as a vibrant homage to the diversity, history, and essence of India 🪷

Beyond mere admiration, it’s a mesmerising journey through the colours, fragrances, and soul of this remarkable nation, signifying a significant step by a mainstream brand towards embracing and honouring diversity in all its splendor. Thank you 🙏

#esteelauder #esteelauderuk #sabyasachi #sabyasachilipstick

I made a special effort for last week’s @esteelauderuk x @sabyasachiofficial launch. Makeup isn’t about surface beauty it’s a soulful connection to my South Asian culture. Each moment I spend on getting ready is a celebration of who I am, where my heritage comes from and it’s about embracing the essence of my identity and feeling empowered from within.

Make-up gives so many of us connection and confidence, and is deeply rooted in South Asian traditions. We should all embrace the beauty rituals that bring out the best in us and for our soul ❤️

The perfect Eid look is so personal and it reflects a beautiful blend of cultural traditions, personal style and beliefs. Whatever you choose, you can perfect your look by adding warmth to your skin with rich neutral colour palettes. I love playing with colour by embracing green tones, weaving it into my eye makeup and accessories. Illuminate your features with a gentle shimmer on the cheeks, reflecting your inner glow ✨ Finish with a bold lip in a shade that speaks to your unique style and completes the look ❤️

Some key products I used include;

@patmcgrathreal eyeshadow palette
@stilauk all day ArtiStix graphic liner
@toofacedlovestheuk lip injection
@maccosmeticsuk Studio Fix pro set + blur weightless loose powder
@tatcha dewy mist
@jomalonelondon velvet rose and rose

Outfit @houseofmasaba
Earrings @reddotjewels

I’m thrilled to introduce my third child - the South Asian Beauty Collective (SABC) ✨ @southasianbeautycollective

Empowering women has always been my deepest passion. From feeling unseen in the beauty world, I’ve tirelessly worked behind the scenes, educating brands and forging partnerships. Each content creation, exclusive shoot, and skincare discussion has been an opportunity to amplify diverse voices, and I’m grateful for the chance to create an inclusive space.

Seeing South Asian beauty celebrated and recognised brings me so much joy, especially as a mother of two young ladies who are also a part of two world’s colliding just like myself, proud to be British born and also proud of our rich heritage.

Collaborating with brands eager to do more, I’ve witnessed the impact of continuous education in making a real difference. Serving on the British Beauty Council @britishbeautycouncil, where diversity and inclusivity lead the way, is an absolute honour.

At SABC, our unwavering passion drives us to redefine beauty standards. Championing brands that prioritise genuine representation and challenge the norms in beauty.

Enter a world where curated beauty products cater to South Asian beauty goals and where industry experts share their insights. SABC isn’t just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where diversity is celebrated. Engage in thought-provoking discussions about representation in the beauty industry. Whether spotlighting diverse beauty, showcasing inclusive products, or championing brands that embrace South Asian skin, the commitment to positive representation knows no bounds.

The collective is a welcoming haven for those eager to explore South Asian culture’s significance in beauty. Having conversations with South Asian women over my 15-year career, I’ve seen their dedication to self-care. Yet, many feel overlooked by brands. As a united community, the collective is here to bridge that gap and foster belonging in the beauty industry.

Join this exhilarating journey of beauty and representation. Let’s ignite a movement of #InspireInclusion.

A tribute to my late mother Kumud on Mother’s Day, who was celebrated for her iconic eyeliner style.

In South Asian culture, eyeliner holds deep cultural and aesthetic significance, symbolising tradition and beauty. Many South Asian women embrace eyeliner, like kohl or kajal, as a cherished cultural tradition, rooted in ancient practices believed to safeguard the eyes and enhance their allure. Eyeliner serves as a means of self-expression, playing a pivotal role in traditional makeup routines for both everyday wear and special occasions. The iconic winged eyeliner, popularised by Bollywood legends Meena Kumari and Nanda Karnataki, has become an integral part of bridal aesthetics as well.

Eyeliner is also known to protect against the malicious gaze, an ancient tradition known as the `evil eye` or `nazar.` As part of this tradition, I am asked by so many of my brides to apply a small black dot behind the ear as a safeguard.

Eyeliner offers numerous benefits, including:

1. Eye Definition: Accentuating the eyes’ contours, making them appear larger, well-defined, and expressive.
2. Versatility: Allowing for the creation of diverse styles, from natural to dramatic, tailored to individual preferences.
3. Expression: Serving as way to communicate emotions and personality through makeup, imparting depth and character.
4. Correction: Camouflaging uneven eyes or reshaping them for a more balanced appearance.
5. Trendy Styles: Incorporating contemporary trends, experimenting with techniques like winged eyeliner or graphic designs.
6. Enhanced Features: Complimenting other eye makeup elements such as eyeshadow and mascara, elevating the overall effect.

Today, we celebrate the love, strength, and memories of all mothers, whether they are with us or watching over us from afar. Happy Mother’s Day to every mum, in every way ❤️ ...

Life isn’t perfect, but your makeup can be 😉

@armanibeauty eye tint
@gracedemonaco promenade sur le rocher available exclusively at @harrodsbeauty
@yslbeauty all hours hyper finish powder
... heartfelt panel chat really got me thinking about my professional 13-year beauty journey. It covered everything from connecting with brands to shining on social media and being a positive influence.

My passion for empowering women has driven me to work tirelessly behind the scenes, educating brands and promoting diversity. I’m truly grateful for moments like being recognised by the @britishbeautycouncil @babtac and @bazaaruk, judging beauty awards as an expert, and collaborating with meaningful brands who understand how important it is to be inclusive & diverse; brands I mentioned in my talk include @bobbibrownuk @esteelauderuk @toofacedlovestheuk @elfcosmeticsuk - contributing to beauty features to being commissioned to writing articles myself - interviewing brand founders including @jomalonelondon @beautypie @drunkelephant @byterryofficial @nudestix

As Women’s Day approaches, I’ve been reflecting on my journey. Empowering women has always been my passion, even when I felt overlooked in the beauty industry at first. But through hard work, I’ve been able to make a difference behind the scenes, whether it’s creating content or talking about skincare. I’m grateful for every chance I’ve had to support a diverse audience and proud of all the things I’m working on and in this journey sharing every moment with two young women I’m bringing up.

Thank you to and my lovely panel talk partner @bellehassan of @loveisland #loveisland ❤️

The journey is far from over ✨

@rimmellondonuki Heather Shimmer and Coffee Shimmer lipstick shades, cherished originals from years gone by, have proven their lasting appeal. I still recall sneaking these lipsticks into my school bag, finding a moment of confidence during my time at an all-girls school, amidst the challenges of struggling with weight issues.

These enduring hues have graced lips for generations, defying makeup trends with their timeless charm. Ideal for South Asian skin tones, their deep, warm undertones effortlessly enhance natural beauty, cementing their place as indispensable classics in any makeup collection ☕️

*Not an ad, not gifted #rimmel #rimmellondon #heathershimmer #coffeeshimmer

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life ✨ ...

I have no age, I am all ages, it’s not about who I am it’s about how many I am, count my achievements not the number of years I have lived on this planet. I am always reinventing myself, so that I can keep being myself…..I’ll keep going, today, tomorrow, for the next 100 years - Madonna


#beyourself #proaging #agepositive #representation #beauty

‘True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love doesn’t end’ ❤️

Lots of love to the world and an extra special one to all of my beautiful brides 💍 May your love stay strong and relationships be blessed 🧿


Excited to be invited to participate as an industry speaker at on March 4th, where I’ll be discussing strategies for cultivating brand relationships as an independent makeup artist.

My experience in brand partnerships started as soon as I graduated 🎓 in Marketing and landed my dream job at @british_airways HQ in Global Marketing delivering some award-winning projects 🏆 Being able to apply the power of long-term relationships within beauty has been rewarding allowing me to champion diversity within beauty with brands that align with my core values and understand the importance of representation 🫶🏼

Having previously attended Professional Beauty as an enthusiast, it’s truly humbling to now contribute on the ‘Trends and Techniques’ stage as a recognised DEI advocate and beauty ambassador.

Professional Beauty London is a premier trade show in the beauty industry, offering a platform for professionals to discover the latest products, trends, and techniques. Brands such as @dermalogicauk @environskincareuk @guinotukire will be there and I’m looking forward to learning all about the newest innovations in beauty too… education never ends 📖

Link in bio to book tickets 🎟️

A timeless Bollywood song from 28 years ago (how!?) beautifully resonates with the emotions so many of us feel in today’s world 🌎

28 years on I still believe that make-up is the BEST way to ‘lift’ yourself up and feel on top of the world 🌎

@revlon_uk Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow
@lorealparis infallible felt eyeliner
@rarebeauty mascara
@lorealparis revitalift filler eye serum
@bobbibrownuk vitamin enriched serum and face base
@bruleebeauty concealer
@lauramercier tinted moisturiser light revealer
@lisaeldridgemakeup seamless glide eye pencil
@hudabeauty easy bake and snatch pressed
@stilauk Hydro-blur Cheek Duo
@yensabeauty vibrant silk lipstick
@hourglasscosmetics ambient palette

Hair @thebeachwaver @kerastase_official hairspray

Nightwear @cyberjammies

Kind hearted Komal looked like a vision for her wedding reception ❤️
‘Aarti, I just want to say a big thank you! I am so glad I got in touch with you as I was blown away by the hair and makeup you did for me. Your attention to detail was something I noticed (you knew the shade of Laurier Mercier tinted moisturiser by looking at me over a zoom call) and I had full confidence you would be able to deliver. I totally loved my hair and makeup which perfectly complimented my outfit. You understood what I wanted but provided suggestions and ideas which completed the overall look. You did not fail to impress and I received so many compliments that evening.
You are truly a great artist with great vision which allowed me to trust you completely on my look without a trial. I am so happy I had you for this event and for all futures brides I highly recommend you to get in touch with Aarti. Once again, thank you so much! As cliche as it sounds, I felt like a princess. I wish you nothing but the best!’

Hair & Make-Up @aartipmakeup
Magical products;
Serum @esteelauderuk ANR
Skin prep @katesomervilleskincare glow moisturiser
Primer @armanibeauty luminous silk
Foundation @yslbeauty all hours
Under eye prep @kiehlsuki vitamin c eye cream
Eyeshadow @anastasiabeverlyhills soft glam and @patmcgrathreal eyeshadow palette
Top Eyeliner
Eyeliner @sweedbeauty
Corrector @cliniqueuk colour corrector
Concealer @lancomeofficial
Bronzer @baremineralsuk
Blusher @suqqu_europe melted blusher
Glow @diorbeauty backstage
Setting Powder @lauramercier
Brows @maxfactor precision brow pencil
Mascara @bobbibrownuk Smokey mascara
Lipstick @toofacedlovestheuk chocolate collection
Lashes @eylureofficial
Setting spray @charlottetilbury
Hair @ghdhair @ghdhairpro classic curl
Texture spray @livingproofuk
Hairspray @cwhairlondon

Embracing authenticity in beauty involves recognising and celebrating your unique features. Experiment with styles that resonate with your personality and make you feel confident. Remember, beauty is subjective, and being true to yourself is the key to genuine confidence.

Hair & Make-up @aartipmakeup using @toofacedlovestheuk seen in @khushmag

The colours and symbols of the Indian National flag hold deep philosophical meaning. Each colour represents a specific aspect of Indian culture that resonates deeply within the hearts of South-Asian Indians globally.

The saffron stands for sacrifice and renunciation, the white stands for light, the path to peace and truth, the green stands for our relationship to the soil, plant life on which all life depends. The "Ashoka Chakra" in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma (duty) which indicates motion.

Raising the next gen to hold onto these incredible values that have been passed down from our ancestors & parents 🤞Let’s embrace every colour and spread love & kindness 🙏

#HappyRepublicDay #india #southasian #southasianculture #indian

Timeless bridal styles are forever, as seen here by my cherished bride Anita from 7 years ago ❤️ Seeing images of my past brides’ serving inspiration for current ones, really warms my heart, capturing the forever love behind these classic looks ❤️ Being tagged by former brides, even after years, is a reminder of the journey I have had 🙏
Hair, Make-Up & Styling @aartipmakeup
💎 @reddotjewels

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Delighted to be the Expert Judge for the Salon Services Professional Hair & Beauty Awards 2024.

@salonservices has been my go-to since the start of my beauty journey —It’s like hidden treasure, offering a wide range of professional products at great value. A one-stop destination for industry professionals, featuring both essential and premium brands. Excited to celebrate excellence with a brand that’s been my trusted choice for so many of my fellow peers and students ❤️ #SalonServices #BeautyAwardsJudge #beauty #makeup

Celebrating South-Asian festival of LOHRI 🥜🔥

Wishing all newlyweds & couples that have become parents a very Happy Lohri! Heartiest congratulations and the warmest of wishes - enjoy the monkey nuts 🥜 I’ll be celebrating my nephew’s and our new daughter-in-law’s first Lohri today 🔥

Living my @realpz moment today with some #VeerZaara Bollywood inspiration from the best Lohri song 💕
@bobbibrownuk illuminating primer
@esteelauderuk double wear foundation
@elfcosmeticsuk halo glow contour wand
@hourglasscosmetics ambient lighting edit
@maccosmeticsuk sunstruck radiant bronzer
@toofacedlovestheuk moon crush highlighter
@charlottetilbury beautyverse palette
@sisleyparisofficial so intense eyeliner
@rubyhammerbeauty mascara & brow duo
@blinkbrowbar Smokey kajal eyeliner
@bruleebeauty concealer
@hudabeauty liquid matte sweet talker & silk balm icy
@maccosmeticsuk setting spray
@gracedemonaco eau de Parfum promenade sur le rocher

#aartip #aartipmakeup #happylohri #punjabi #lohri #celebrationtime #indianfestival
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And NEW for 2024💥

Embark on a transformative self-discovery journey this year, placing yourself at the forefront by immersing in my NEW Insta-Glam 1-2-1 self application skincare & makeup session, where you not only perfect brush and colour techniques but also unlock the keys to enhancing confidence and radiance, emerging with a newfound ‘self-love’ empowerment.

Imagine a personalised beauty journey just for you, helping you discover your unique beauty. Picture the joy of learning skills that enhance your features, boosting confidence in any situation.

At Insta-Glam, I’ve connected with diverse women—makeup and skincare enthusiasts, professionals, moms, brides-to-be, mother-daughter duos, industry leaders—all sharing the desire to discover their inherent brilliance.

As a special 2024 feature, each participant receives a deluxe beauty kit worth £300 from supporting brands. Elevate your makeup game, unleash your inner artist, and relish becoming your own beauty authority. Secure your spot now for a one-of-a-kind transformation, as this year revolves around prioritising yourself.

To find out more email