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Aarti P. full of 'Passion', always striving for 'Perfection' and delivers the most 'Personable' experience. With multiple awards for Hair & Make-Up Artistry over the past 10 years, Aarti P has become a household name as a pioneer in South-Asian beauty.

Aarti’s talent has been recognised with awards including Make-Up Artist of the Year UK and Highly Commended Make-Up Artist of The Year UK, cementing her exceptional reputation. Aarti’s genuine enthusiasm for beauty and well-being draws her to stay in tune with the latest trends and products. She also demonstrates her innovative versatility when adapting her skills and requirements in various settings – whether that is for a bride on her wedding day, a celebrity client, or a model on the runway.


As a teenager, Aarti’s love affair with make-up began, when she purchased her first lipstick. During those years, adorning herself with make-up gave her a much-needed confidence boost whilst she struggled with low self-esteem. When she started bringing colour into her life in the form of make-up, it empowered her and really brought her personality to life. After graduating from university, her passion for make-up artistry only increased and developed.

After being awarded Make-Up Artist of the Year UK in 2017, Aarti P Education was born. As a multi award-winning brand and having long-standing reputation for excellence within the South-Asian beauty, aspiring make-up artists were keen to learn about Aarti’s success in real beauty, wanting to produce quality, highly skilled and technical finishes that distinguish Aarti P as an industry leader. Aarti’s courses have been given the seal of approval by BABTAC meaning all students are able to receive a professional and internationally recognised qualification.

Aarti’s talent continued to be recognised in 2020 at Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards being awarded Make-Up Artist of the Year UK and at The Asian Beauty Industry Awards 2020 for Highly Commended Make-Up Artist of The Year UK. World recognised brands support Aarti P including Estee Lauder, Tom Ford Beauty, La Mer, Lancome, GHD Pro, Laura Mercier, NARS, Murad, Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, YSL. Aarti’s mission is to deliver real beauty, which is highly valued and recognised by these associations.

Aarti’s experience has triggered her to really take beauty back to basics in order to empower her audiences and clients with as much information as possible for them to be able to achieve their ultimate beauty goals. Aarti’s aim is to simplify beauty as we continue to witness innovations and developments at a rapid speed, which can provide much confusion. She aims to demystify notions and demonstrate how easy it is to include beauty routines in your day to day to life, which she feels is extremely important to make women feel confident and create much needed self-care, in order to disconnect from their busy lifestyles.

Her calm and amiable demeanour is favorable in a working environment that can be fast paced and busy, as well as working wonders with nervous brides – a part of her job that Aarti adores. She loves getting to know her clients and quickly becomes their confidant and friend, making them feel at ease and comfortable, surrendering to Aarti’s expertly capable hands.

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Award Winning Makeup artist Aarti

You can achieve the most perfect look with beautiful models, but the real achievement lies in showing how a real bride is given a bespoke look to suit her style and personality whilst eloquently complementing the bride’s ensemble, of which the outcome is truly standing out on her special day and creating presence like no other.

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